GMC* Care

When it comes to washing, every assumptions or facts might be intimidating.

We believe that only experts and well-experienced hands should have a saying and state a real “how to guide”.

Yet, many people prefer to “deal with laundry” at home, so here are our “surviving washing tips”:

Fill a cute little tank with cold water and a tear drop of mild soap

Insert the GMC* garment

While it soaks in slightly bubbly water count up to three blinks of eye

Take it out like you are rescuing a lab puppy and gently pet it

Hang it freely, and do not engage with any pins (they do harm!)

Leave it be, let it breath and remember to not display the garment in the summerly sun

In the morning or after 8hr minimum, your GMC* will stand there, almost fully dried and with a halo around and a pleasant whiff will pervade the room.

For ironing, turn and place the garment in reverse and steam away those wrinkles 🙂

This how we do it —

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